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I downloaded BlockSite for Firefox just to make myself actually keep off of Tumblr during my self-imposed Tumblr hiatus. I just need a week or so... but I kept checking, so. I've installed BlockSite and taking Tumblr off it will take extra effort, which will hopefully help keep me from doing it on impulse. (Also, it might give me some space to actually write a Wordpress post. Though I wish I had some inspiration for it.)

There are people on Tumblr I don't want to leave "alone," that I want to keep up with because I know that the anti-ace stuff hits them hard, but I feel weird feeling that because I don't know them that personally and there are other people who follow them and will (hopefully) back them up if they feel particularly down.

I don't know what the word for that is. I tried to write a Wordpress post about it a while back, but I ended up floundering and feeling ridiculous about it. I feel ... connected? to the people whose sites I read. But sometimes I don't even know if they even know who I am, or recognize me, or read anything that I write. I realize I can see who follows my Tumblr, but that doesn't mean they read anything I put there or feel anything about me. I get defensive of these people and want to protect them and join in conversations so they don't have to be alone.

But I feel weird about that. They're not friends -- I don't know them that well, or personally at all. There's a limited amount of verifiable interaction, where we're liking posts or reblogging or commenting or what have you. It would be overstepping to call these people my friends, and there's a likelihood they would find it weird if I did.

So, why do I feel like I'm walking away from ... well, friends?
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I think I am now allergic to all food. Either that, or I have a horrible disease that makes all food cause me terrible pain. It can't be that hard to just avoid eating entirely until I can get to the doctor's sometime next week (at the earliest), right? I can absorb nutrients through osmosis or something. That should be an asexual superpower. I'm going to lobby for it.

Besides being so sick I just want to sleep through the next week, uh...

I managed to finish an interview for my management class project. Which is great, because I think I'm too sick to actually leave the house between now and when the first segment of the project is due. Hopefully at some point today I will be marginally less delirious and will be able to do some homework.

How clothes work, I don't know. I almost bought some professional clothes this week, because I know I'll need them eventually, but they were so expensive I stopped myself. I realize that when I have to buy an actual wardrobe I will have to spend a lot of money and it would probably be better to invest in pieces over time, but I appear to be one of those people who is incapable of picking out decent clothes on her own, and it's doubly hard to spend the money when I don't know what to buy in the first place. Also I really want to see what's going to be available at the Genderplayful Marketplace. If it ever opens.

Maybe this week I will also figure out why I am too shy to post anything but open threads to [community profile] group_x.
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To-do list for the next week and a couple days:

  • Finish discussion board postings for this week
  • Read, read, read
  • Research, outline, draft, edit, turn-in essay
  • Finish discussion board postings for next week
  • Read some more
  • Finish 5,000 more words of a Big Bang so I can turn in the draft
  • Post Carnival of Aces round-up and hope there's no trolling
  • Plan country's 500th anniversary
  • Arrange my wedding
  • Murder my wife and frame Guilder

All of this may or may not need to be accomplished four days early because I might be without Internet for next weekend. But I might not be? Ugh, I hate not being able to plan things. I guess it's a good thing I didn't decide to go to Dragon*Con, though, because I'd definitely be missing it.

If this all does need to be accomplished four days early, then I have to queue the Carnival of Aces round-up. And there was a sign that the Carnival might be trolled, and it's going to really suck if I come back to an inbox/Tumblr/Dreamwidth full of hateful messages or messages that other people have been trolled. And I know I shouldn't feel this way, but guilt is my superpower, and I feel like maybe the topic I chose for this month's Carnival is why there's signs it might be trolled this month of all months.

Hey there

Aug. 14th, 2011 03:11 pm
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[community profile] group_x is open!

ETA: If I just rejected you from the community it's because we need people to please read the profile and community entries and comment HERE to get membership. The person I rejected has no entries and PMs are disabled so I have no way to get into contact with them. I hope you read this, sorry!
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Okay, more about the community! This weekend (read: whenever I have the energy) I'll be contacting people to ask about co-modding. I hope to have the comm up sometime next week. It depends a little on how much work I have to start my classes, which begin Monday.

First up, naming. The poll has had a few days out and the responses settled this way: 27 respondents total: 12 votes for group_x, 8 votes for ace_umbrella, 5 votes for ace_community, and 2 votes suggesting ace_space

For now, the name is going to be group_x. If I get a significant amount of people saying they'd like to switch their vote to ace_space, I'll run the poll again.

And now, membership policy. Please comment if you don't like this or have an idea you like better. Cut for length, but basically: people leave a (screened) comment or send an e-mail to prove they're a real person and receive and invite to the comm from the mods. )

Now onto layouts. I'm considering my own layout ([personal profile] aceeccentric), in a more neutral color, which is a premade Dreamwidth layout that comes in about a thousand colors. Also considering Five AM, Warm Practicality, and Night Watch. I like Five AM best but I don't like the way header text is displayed so I'd fiddle and see if I could get it to stand out from the rest of the text more. The premade DW layout I use in my own journal might be easiest/most accessible though. Opinions welcome (even if it's just something about details, like which side of the page you prefer the column on).

I should make a note that I'd have the comment pages (or if you click through to a cut) be displayed not in the journal style but in the basic style. For reference I've selected this option for my own journal ([personal profile] aceeccentric) until the comm is up. If you click the comment button/cut text/header you can see what I'm talking about.
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Wrote up the draft for the community safe space and accessibility policies. In the actual community this'll be one of the first posts, will be linked to in the profile and the sidebar, and won't be behind a cut. Thanks to [personal profile] sciatrix for feedback on the draft.

Please leave comments! Especially if there's something you need added to the accessibility policy.

One big section still up for debate is the issue of whether to delete or freeze material that violates the policies. I've heard good arguments for either, and if there's a tie in opinion I'll split it, but I wrote up policies for each option that you can read under the cut.

The argument for freezing mostly centers on record-keeping and transparency; if someone protests being banned we can link them to the offending material. If the material is in a post the mods can put it under a cut, but we can't do that with comments, and removing/hiding material is one of the arguments for deletion. If people want to delete things instead, the deleting mod will take print screens (thanks for pointing out the accessibility fault in that, [personal profile] codeman38) copy the text for record-keeping and then upload them somewhere all the mods can see (probably Google Docs, which would also allow the mod to delete the print screens from their own computers).

ETA: It looks like there's no longer a setting for mods to edit the content of posts, so putting things behind a cut in a frozen post wouldn't work.

Read the sections on freezing/deleting under the cut and let me know what you think.


Membership policy post (tomorrow or this weekend, depending on my energy levels)
Results of the name poll (voting's slowed down but I'll give it another day)

My goal is to get the community up by the end of next week, but we'll have to see how that goes. My new semester starts Monday and I'm not sure yet how much time my classes will take up; I'm taking one more this semester than I did in the Spring.

Cut for length. )
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I made a poll about the name for the Dreamwidth community. It's on Survey Monkey and the name choices are taken from the most popular suggestions on the first post I put up. If I get a lot of "other" suggestions I'll make another poll. This poll will be up for a week before I post the results.
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In writing up a draft of the safe space and accessibility policies for the ace community, I've come across a few questions that I want to get some feedback on before sending the draft out for editing (and then posting it for more editing).

  • Do we want to include an age note? (Not allowing in anyone under 13 or something.)
  • Do we want to include suspensions? (In addition to outright banning.)
  • Do we want to include freezing and deleting content? (If something violates the safe space policy, do we want to have notes about freezing threads or deleting comments and posts? What would be the conditions to decide between freezing and deleting? Do we feel there's a difference between deleting entire posts and deleting comments or comment threads? Etc.)

For the accessibility policy, so far I've got:

  • Image descriptions required when including images or linking to images
  • Putting flashing animations behind a cut with a warning
  • Descriptions required when including videos or linking to videos (even if the video has captions)

These are the most common accessibility concerns I've seen. I'm sure I'm either overlooking or unaware of more things, so if there's another concern you're aware of or that would be important to you, please let me know.

Name poll to come soon, also. I just wanted to make them separate posts and not do one right after the other.
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Hey y'all :) So lately people have been talking about starting a new ace community on Dreamwidth for asexual, demisexual, grey-asexual and other folk to talk. The advantage being that with a community that we created and moderated ourselves, it'd be easier to shut down any attacks than it would be on other sites.

Below are just some thoughts I've had about creating a community. I'm very curious about other people's thoughts and opinions. I'm pretty sure, also, that I have anonymous and Open ID commenting enabled.

Also, just to warn y'all, I'm going to be largely unavailable from the 2nd to the 7th -- my girlfriend is coming to visit! :D So unless some people decide to help mod (or, babysit mod for just those days) I don't want to start the community while I won't be able to check on it.

Oh, and I have more Dreamwidth invite codes for anyone who still needs them. You can leave a way to contact you in a comment or leave an Ask through Tumblr (I have anon asks enabled). If you only have an e-mail to have the code sent to, I promise not to do anything nefarious with your address.

Name, purpose, open threads, other posts, safe space policy, accessibility policy, admin, membership, design, and tags. )

That's it for now!


Jul. 29th, 2011 11:54 am
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If anyone is coming here from Tumblr (which I suspect most of you are), hello!

I am terribly awkward and bad at talking about myself, but memes are easy to fill out, so I wrote one up. You can copy/paste the text from the text box if you want to do the same in your own journal or in the comments. (And feel free to skip any questions you don't want to answer. I wrote some questions I didn't answer.) Also, add any questions you wish were on there.

Later I'll make a post about creating an ace community (still interested in possible names! Right now people have suggested GroupX and acecommunity).

username: [personal profile] aceeccentric
What you can call me: ace eccentric
My default icon explained: A Good Omens reference. In the bottom right corner is the top of an angel wing. The background is mostly blue with a strip of white at the top. It features the quote "Just enough of a bastard to be worth liking" said by a demon character in reference to an angel character.
Sexuality: Asexual romantic
Gender: Neutrois, genderqueer
Preferred pronouns: She and her
Other platforms I'm on: Wordpress and Tumblr
Favorite books: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
Favorite movies: the Harry Potter movies, Little Shop of Horrors, and The Princess Bride
Favorite TV shows: Stargate: Atlantis, most of the USA Network original shows, Leverage, Doctor Who
Languages I know: Just English. I remember a tiny bit of Latin from school.
Occupation: Grad student. Studying library and information science.
Location: Southeastern United States
A long-term goal: I'd like to get some original fiction published someday.
My superpower would be: Healing people. It used to be telekinesis, but I have too many people in my life who can't get to a doctor.
Favorite animals: Basset hounds and sharks
Hobbies: Writing fanfic and original fic, reading
How I would describe my personality: Introverted, protective, thoughtful, semi-optimistic, awkward.


Apr. 6th, 2011 05:02 pm
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I write An Asexual Space on Wordpress and wanted a Dreamwidth account to comment on some things without being attached to my fandom or real life accounts.

I don't know yet whether I'll create much content for Dreamwidth specifically or separate from my Wordpress account. It'll probably mostly be for commenting purposes. Although who knows, maybe there'll be something relevant for me to write about here but not on Wordpress.
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